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A secure, fast and reliable broadband connection all amalgamate when you use our ethernet services. 

Offering the very best levels of reliability and security as well as the fastest speeds the market has to offer, our fibre leased line business ethernet is for businesses that need the very best in dedicated internet connectivity and is a level above standard broadband.

Data heavy applications such as hosted voice, video conferencing and cloud solutions are handled with ease and the capability of our business leased line means it can handle any business’ requirements without breaking a sweat.

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Our Fibre Ethernet service delivers up to 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth

High Capacity & Connectivity


We manage the router and the end-to-end service, so any faults can be dealt with swiftly and effectively

Swift Support

The uncontended, low-latency service provided by our network makes it the ideal connectivity choice

Dedicated Bandwidth

With availability starting at 99.9%, our services are ideal for your business-critical applications.

Reliable Connection

Local resilience using Broadband or Ethernet failover at your site and resilient network links for your added peace of mind.

Resilient Failover

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